Where is Borgarfjordur eystri?

Borgarfjörður is in the east of iceland, 70 km. from Egilsstaðir. Please drive safely since some of the road is still gravel…

Do I need to buy a ticket online?

Yes – if you want to be sure to get in. Bræðslan has sold out in advance for the last 8 years. 
You buy ticket online with us and the ticket will arrive in e-mail, this ticket can be scanned in or printed out and shown for bracelet that will give you entry to Bræðslan

Can i get a refund?

No sorry we don’t refund tickets, but you are allowed to resell them on same price.

Is there an age limit?​

No – but according to Icelandic laws minors must me accompanied by adults, and we uphold the law 🙂

Food and drink? 

​We do allow plastic containers. NO GLASS!

There are bars and snack stands in nearby houses 

Are you hiring? ​

Yes and no – chances of finding work during the week are pretty good. We recomend contacting the restaurants and asking them.  more info – www.borgarfjordureystri.is.  

Where do I sleep?​

Most of the guests camp, there are also a few hotels and inns but they are usually book out for the week a long time in advance, doesn´t hurt to check –


Should I bring food?​

Please don´t – we have three great restaurants and a small supermarket that opens early. Support our local shops 🙂

Is my ticket also good for the off-venue shows? 

No – The Bræðslan concert is on the saturday in the Bræðsla it self. The other shows are held by the restaurant owners and can only hold 200 prople max. 

What else is there to do?
It´s not a bad idea to bring something to eat – we do have three great restaurants but it´s to have something in between